About me​​​​​​​
My name is Dominik Herceg. I am a freelance web, motion, and 3D designer. I specialize in creating visually stunning and effective designs for a variety of mediums, including the web, social media, and television. My skills and expertise include web design, motion graphics, and 3D modeling and animation. I am adept at using a range of software tools and techniques to bring my ideas to life and create high-quality designs that meet the needs of my clients.
My Services
As a UX/UI designer, my work involves creating intuitive and visually appealing designs for digital products such as websites and mobile applications. I work closely with stakeholders, including product managers, developers, and researchers, to understand the needs and goals of the product and its users. I use wireframes, prototypes, and high-fidelity mockups to visually communicate my ideas and gather feedback. I also conduct user testing to validate design decisions and make any necessary adjustments. My ultimate goal is to ensure that the products I work on are user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing.
As a motion designer, I create visual effects, graphics, and animations for film, television, websites, and social media. I use software such as After Effects, Premiere Pro, and others to bring concepts to life through movement, color, and sound. My work includes creating title sequences, designing graphics for commercials and music videos, and animating logos and other promotional materials. I work closely with creative directors and producers to deliver high-quality, effective designs.
As a 3D designer, I create three-dimensional models and animations using computer graphics software. I have worked on a range of projects including designing characters and environments for video games, creating 3D models for product visualization and marketing materials, animating objects and scenes for films, television, and other mediums. I am skilled in collaborating with a team of artists, developers, and other professionals to deliver high-quality, effective designs that meet both aesthetic and technical specifications. In addition to my creative skills, I have a strong understanding of computer graphics technologies and techniques and am able to efficiently meet deadlines.
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